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We’re extremely proud to represent some truly impressive global brands.


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With Facebook, you can create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your unique business goals. More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visit every day.

Facebook enables you to choose the type of people you want to reach, and we’ll deliver your adverts to them. This makes your adverts more relevant for the people who see them, bringing you real results at a lower cost.

Agenda Media have represented Facebook in the regional marketplace since 2008.

Microsoft Advertising covers every element of the digital landscape reaching customers across multiple devices on MSN, Skype, Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows.

Through an enviable combination of data, technology and mass market reach across desktop, mobile, tablet and TV screens, Microsoft provides an invaluable platform for brands to create an ongoing dialogue with their customers.
Agenda Media have exclusively represented Microsoft Advertising in the regional marketplace since January 2005.


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Utilising Facebook’s world-encompassing targeting data, Instagram offers an eye-catching visual element to online advertising.

Instagram has a global community of over 400m active users and is one of the world’s leading mobile ad platforms.

Companies can share their stories and engage with a highly reactive audience.

Instagram ads are suitable for any sized company are a perfect way to drive action in a high-quality, creative environment.

Our Services

When you’re advertising needs to make an impact we need to look outside of the typical formats. We offer scope to create visually stunning ad formats unlocked by the creative mind designed to engage and excite customers.

Formats: Billboard, Filmstrip, Portrait, Pushdown, Sidekick, Slider, Expandable, Takeover, Masthead, Splash Box, Photo Story, Reskin & Lightbox

Video ads are powerful and engaging with our partner selection allowing us to utilise your video assets to target users across TV, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. Online video is increasingly being used to gain incremental reach to TV campaigns at a cost effective rate.

Formats: In Banner Video, Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post Roll & Lightbox

Through Glam, we have extensive blogger outreach opportunities to leverage style, living: food & home, family, entertainment and male vertical authors to craft custom content for your brand. The influential bloggers are shaping the way their own communities and peers think and purchase every single day.

The potential for mobile has always been there and now technology has caught up we’re seeing mobile become a powerful tool for advertisers. Mobile is an extraordinary vehicle for brands to drive app downloads, video plays, site traffic or conversions and is fast becoming a focal point of many media plans.

Formats: Banner (In-App or Mobile Optimised Web), Persistent Banner, Overlay, Video, Click to App

We fully understand the requirements for accountability on media spend with direct response targets so we have the technology and knowledge to cost effectively work towards your CPA goals. We also have opportunities to work on lower risk buying models such as Cost Per Click, Cost Per Landing or even optimising towards ad viewability goals.

Formats: CPM-A, CPC & CPL

Gaming is a large part of peoples lives whether it’s using a games console or their smart phones. Console gaming is no longer reserved for “hardcore gamers” with consoles now becoming the focal entertainment hub for the family living room.

The increase of smartphones has also vastly improved the opportunities to target engaged audiences through in-app advertising. Through the power of Microsoft we can harness the registered login data to target users on their mobiles, tablets or on their TV in the living room.

Formats: In App Mobile, Video, App Marketplace, Branded Hubs

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